Prof. Dr.Surya Bahadur Karki (N.D, BASM,M.D,M.A and D.Sc).
Institute of Natural Medicine.

Dear Soul
Greetings from the Institute of Natural Medicine, Nepal. It is my pride and privilege to welcome you. The Nature Cure technique is a method of going back to nature to train the body with simple natural processes rather than taking any kinds of drugs. It will be of great help to the Nepali Community as well as the people of the third world Countries.I would like to express my humble experience and findings of 33 years in the field of nature cures and yogic therapy. The "Nature Cure" system is recognized by the Nepal Government and The Institute of Natural Medicine will be in a position to produce trained and qualified Man-power in Nature Cure, Yoga and the Complementary Medicine field. Again, welcome to the evolution of the body, soul, mind and consciousness. I thank you for sharing knowledge, skills,
techniques and experience for new ideas at this precious time.


Prof. Dr.Surya Bahadur Karki dedicated on yoga & Naturopathy science 2034 Bs, ( 1977Ad) being a Nature Cure physician after popularity around Nationally and a broad, got full recognized from His Majesty Government of Nepal after long devotion & hard exercise.  

He established Shanti Devi Nature Cure ashram, Bhadrapur, Jhapa on 2034. Nepal Yoga and Nature Cure Association, at Biratnager on 2040 Bs."Nature Cure Research & Teaching Hospital "at Kathmandu Kalimati on 2053. Institute of Natural Medicine at Kathmandu on 2056 Bs. to continue the said purpose ahead.

Dr.Karki prepared the curriculum & the course book for Lower Secondary school and secondary level Collaboration with Curriculum Department of Nepal government.

In the same way, he wrote  and develop various Curriculum of Yoga and Naturopathy Sciences  joint collaboration  with Council for Technical  Education    & Vocational Training (CTEVT)  on 2054 BS.  Dr. Karki, has been awarded more degrees from different colleges & Universities around the world. He successfully held on first Conference on Yoga and Naturopathy on 2046,  Bs at Biratnager. First world Congress on Yoga & Naturopathy for the “Third Millennium, on 25, 26 & 27 Dec-1998Ad. Second World Congress on Yoga and Naturopathy on, 27, 28 and 29 June 2002 At Kathamandu, Nepal.

 Dr. Karki' being the chief Organizer about various national & International workshop, seminar and Conference in Nepal. His intention is to bring out Yogic and Naturopathic Sciences with none side-effect, drugless systems all over the world. Dr. Karki Is international Yoga teacher, Executive Member of World Naturopathic Federation, Canada representative from  Asia since 2016,

He was awarded Gold Medal for the Compositional & great devotion to Nepal and broad on Yoga, Naturopathy & Complementary Medicines on behalf of “The Open International University for Complimentary Medicines, by Lord. Pandit ,Raja- Guru. Prof. Dr. Sir. Anton Jaya Suriya, Sri- Lanka.

Name:      Prof. Dr. Surya Bahadur Karki.
Date of Birth:     2009 B.S (1954 A.D).
Father’s Name: Bir Bahadur Karki.
Mother Name:   Kousila Devi Karki.
Place of Birth:  Taplejung Dist. Phakumba V.D.C. Ward No-4.
Driving License No:- 14282/ 1080921/
Citizenship No:- 1080921. (Nepali)  
Passport:- No:- 08844187, (Nepal)
Present Address (a) Kathmandu, M.N.P.-19, Indrashava.

    Web>   /    Skype > drkarki54
     Cell> +977-9841465102 / 9818520701   / viper > +977 9841465102

 Technical  Education:
(a)  C.Y.Ed. (Certificate in Yoga Education)            Nepal.             
        (b)  Daybed. (Diploma in Yoga Education)                India.
        (c) D. Acp.  (Diploma in Acupressure)                       India.
       (d)  D.P.Ed. (Diploma in Polio Education)                  India .
       (e)  D.Ac. (Diploma in Acupuncture)                           India.
       (f)   N.D. (Diploma in Naturopathy)                            India
       (g)   B.A. S.M. (Bachelor of Alternative system of medicine) India.
       (h)  M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) Medicina- Alternativa, Sri-Lanka.1995.

  1. M.A  ( in Sociology, T.U) ,Nepal

       (k)   M.A. (Human Consciousness & Yogic Science, 2004, India.
        (l)  D.Sc. (Doctor of Science) Sri- Lanka, 1997.
1.  Chairman:- Nature Cure Committee, Ministry of Health, Nepal.
2.  Chairman:  Nepal Centre Pandurog Kaluan Sang, Biratnagar.
3.  Chairman:- Barahachhetra Multipurpose Association, Sunsary.
4. Chairman:- Campus Red Cross Youth Committee, Mechi Multi purpose Campus, Mechi.
5. Chairman:  Curriculum Sub-committee, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, Sanothimi, Bharatpur.
6.  Chairman:- The Himalayan International University for Yoga, Nature & Holistic Sciences, Nepal.
7.  Chairman:- Jalzala Herbs & Tea State Taplejung.
8.  Chairman:   Institute of Natural Medicine, Nepal.
9.   Chairman:-   Research, Development & Innovation, Nepal.
10.  Chairman:-   Complementary Medical Center, Nepal.
11.  Chairman:-   Publication Department, NYNCA
12.  Chairman:-  Daniel International Chiropractic Institute, Nepal.  
13.  Chairman:-   Nepal Nature Cure  Center, Kathmandu.
14.  Chairman:- Nepal Complementary Center Kathmandu, Nepal
15.  Chairman:- Nepal Naturopath's Doctors Association, Nepal.
16.  Chairman:- Nepal-India Naturopathy Friendship Association.
17. Chairman:- International Psychotherapy Research and Treatment   Center, Nepal.
18. Chairman:- International  Naturopathy  Organization, Delhi, Nepal Branch, Kathamandu
19. Chairman:- Mitrata Nepal, NGO.
 20. Chairman:- Complementary Health Assistant 18 Months Program.   
21. Chairman: Saptakoshi Organic Agriculture Company,Sunsary, 2068. 
22. Chairman:-Naturopathy Doctor Association of Nepal.
23. Chairman:- Nature Cure Research and Teaching Hospital, Nepal.
24. Chairman:- Ghritakousik Sutar karki Academy, Nepal  
25.Vice- Chancellor:- The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Sri- Lanka,Nepal Sector since 1997.
26.  Vice- Chairman:- District Junior Red Cross Society, Jhapa-
27.  Vice Chairman:-Nepal Janalalyan Sangh, Biratnagar-
28.  Founder Secretary General: Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Morang.
29. Secretary General:- The Open University (Ad hock Committee) Kathmandu, Nepal (054/55)
30.Treasur:- Youth Action for Village Development   Service, Nepal.
31. Secretary:-  Bhanu  Morang Cultural Committee, Biratnagar-13
32.  Member Secretary:-  Nature Cure Taskforce Committee, Ministry's of Health Nepal (H. M.G) 1995
33. Member Secretary:- Nature Cure Research & Teaching Hospital, Kalimati-1997
34.   Founder Member- Shantee Devi Prakritic Sewasram, Jhapa-1974
35. Member:-  Health Service Co-ordination Committee- Nepal -1985
36. Member:-   All India Nature Cure Federation, Delhi-1986
37. Member:-  Gita  Mandir, Shoyambhu, Kathmandu-1990
38. Member :- School’s Yoga Education Subject Committee (H.M.G) Ministry of Education , Nepal-1995
39.Member :- Nature Cure Education Subject Committee (H.M.G) Ministry of Education, Nepal –1995.
40.  Member:-  World Council for Psychotherapy Europe. 2004.
41. Member Secretary:- Underground Yoga Shamadhi 72 hours-1993, Kathmandu, Nepal
42. Co-ordinate:- Curriculum Development of Yoga Education, Mahendra Sanskrit University (M.S B.D) Dang, Nepal-1996
43.   Advisor:-  Prakriti  Chikistsa, Bidhyapith,Matatirtha.
44.  Advisor:-  Nepal Janamukti Artist, Association, Nepal.
45.   Advisor:- Nepal Watabaran Sangh, Kathmandu-1997.
46.  Advisor:- Asia Institute of Alternative Medicine, Bangladesh- 1997.
47.   Patron Emeritus:- Indian Institute of Medical Science, Mumbai-1997
48.  Life Membe:-  All India Nature Cure Federation, Delhi-1985
49.   Life Member:-  Nepal Intellectual Federation, Kathmandu-1995
50.   Founder:-  Nature Cure Center , Kathmandu-1983
51    Founder:-  B & S Traders, Kathmandu-1997
52.   Life -Member:-  Asian Network, Lajimpat, Kathmandu-1992
53.  Founder:- Nepal Health Picture 042/43 B.S.
54. Member:- Naturopathy Practitioner Delhi-1985
55.  Member:-  Board of Advisory and Consultant of the International Council for Health Freedom USA.
56.   Advisor:  American Biographical Institute USA.
57.  Chief Patron Emeritus:- Nepal Complementary Medical Practitioner Association, Nepal                                                          
58.  Life Member:-  Nepal Aryasamaj Sangh, Nepal.
59.   Member:-  Forum for Protection of Human Rights (FOPHUR) Nepal.
60. Managing-Director:- Thansing  Agriculture Form, Nuwakot  2063.
61. Managing-Director:-Gita Falodhyan company, Nuwakot -2064.
62. Managing-Director;-Parbati Kunda dewashram company Form, Rasuwa, 2065.
63. Managing-Director:- Binita agriculture form, Lay-lay2065
64. International Yoga Teacher, World Yoga alliance, 13 April 2015.
65. Director of Mandala Yoga Studio and Nature Cure Centre,Thamel,Kathmandu,
66. Associate- Member of World Naturopathic Federation, Canada, 01 May 2015
67. Representative of World Massage Federation,Greece , 2015
68. Founder Member:- International Mental Health research forum by Natural forces, (Amuck Committee) Europe.
69. Member:- World Naturopathic Federation, Canada. 2015 A d.
70. Member :- International yoga sports Federation 2016 A d.
71. Adviser:- National Sanatan dharma sewa Center  samittee 2016.
72. World Naturopathic Federation, Educative Member from Asia Region 2016.
73. Chairman;- Nagarjung Natural health Resort, Raniban, Fulbari---  2073
74. Chairman:-International Relations Committee of South Asian Yoga sports Association --21 November 2016.
75. Full Member;-World Naturopathic federation, Canada, North America-2016.
76. Member - Nationalist Think tank, Nepal -2073.
77. Member Secretary:- 1St south Asian Yoga sports Championship Compaction  on 6 t 9 May 2017 in Nepal.
78. Chairman:- All Nepal Democratic student Union (6) Jhapa  District, 2036-2040
79. Chairman:- Nationalist Health and Education associate, Nepal, 2073.
80. Chairman: Nepal Yoga sports Association, Under National sports Council, Nepal. 2073.
 Seminar Attended:
1.    Yoga & Nature Cure Scientific Conference, New Delhi-1982
2.   Second National Disaster Relief of Training in Chitwan, Nepal-982
3.   All India Nature Cure Federation, New Delhi-1983
4.    Vipasiyana Shivir, Kanpur, India 1984
5.    National Nature Family Planning Conference, Kathmandu-1984
6.    International Agriculture Conference, Lalitpur, Nepal-1984
7.    National Health Workshop Training, Panouty, Nepal-1985
8.    All India Nature Federation, Jodhpur, India-1986
9.  Vipasiyana Shivir, Birganj- Nepal 1987
10.    All India Yoga & Conference, Madhubany, India-1987
11.   Yoga & Nature Cure First Conference, Biratnagar, Nepal-1989
12.  Basic Minimum Health Needs, S.K.P.HMG & WHO, Kathmandu
13.   Social Workshop Seminar in Nepalganj (Health Training)
14.   Joint Social Health Conference, in Pokhara-1990
15.    National Medicine Conference, Biratnagar, Nepal-1990
16.   First National Conference on Yoga & Nature Cure Biratnagar-1990
17.   International Maithily Sanskrit Conference, Biratnagar, Nepal-1992
18.   Second National Health Seminar, Kathmandu-1993
19.   Primary Health Cure Development Training in Kathmandu-1993
20.   National Workshop Seminar of Yoga & Nature Cure, Kathmandu-1994
21.   33rdWorld Congress (Medicina Alternativa) in Sri Lanka-1995
22.    4th World Congres (Medicna Alternativa) in Mumbai, India-1996
23.    Nepal Drugs Workshop Seminar, Biratnagar-1996
24.   Health Workshop Seminar, Kathmandu-1997
25.   Intensive Training workshop on Health System Research Methodology-1997
26. Second International Congress Alternative Medicine and Non Formal
Education 26th & 28th Feb- 1998 Kathmandu, Nepal
27.   35th World Congress (Medicina- Alternative) in Sri Lanka-1997
28.  Organizer First World Congress on Yoga & Naturopathy for the third    Millennium on 25-27 Dec. 1998 in Nepal
29.  Seminar attend –National Conference in Mumbai 24 Jan. 1999
30.  3rd International Congress Alternative Medicine and non formal 
education Feb.1999
31.   All India Nature Cure Conference, Delhi, India-2001
32.    World Congress on Alternative Medicine, India- 2001
33.      Doctor Management Training, Delhi, 2003.
34.     Doctor Management Training, Delhi, 2004.
35.    International Naturopathy Conference Delhi.
36.     All India Nature Cure Conference, Guru Kul, KuruSetra, Hariyana, India.
37.  National Seminar on Mental HealthGuru kul Kagari University,Hriduwar, India.
38. International Conferece on yoga, Naturopathy and Exp, Bangalor,India 2068.
39. 50 world Congress on Malaysia   on 2012.
40. Organized -Fist World day of Yoga on 21 June 2015, at Institute of Natural Medicine, Paknajol Kathmandu, Nepal
41.1st international "promoting Mental health and well-being in the young people, Belgium, Europe, on 29 September 2015.
42.National Natural food festival and Naturopathy seminar on 9 t012 Fev 2017 at Odisha in India.
43. Ayurbed and complementary medical Seminar on 10 Fagun 2073 at Kritipu

  1. Prepare for Disaster Training for Junior Red Cross, High School Level 

   Student, 35 School in1986, Jhapa.
2.    Teaching Experienced, Pre, Middle and High School 5 years since 1972.
3     Practical and Theoretical Yoga & Nature Cure Training for Yoga teacher
Since -1989.
4.   Massage & Naturopathy Therapist for 33 years.
5.    Practical & Theoretical Yoga Teaching High School Level Student for 29 years.
6.  General Yoga Teacher Training for 33 years.
7.   Naturopathy Practice for 37 years continuous.
8.   Yoga & Nature Cure Camps Conducted 151 all over  Nepal.
9.   Practicing Acupressure 17 years.
10.  Practicing: Chiropractic 5 years.
11.    National & International Conference 3 times in Nepal.
12.   National Workshop on Yoga & Nature Cure 4 times in Nepal.

a.   Conducted various Research on Nature Cure Process.
b.   Conducted various Research on Yoga for Treatment.
c.    Conducted various Research on School Education, Kathmandu & Biratnagar.
d. Works on  Meditation for 37 years.
e. Research on Application of controlled by solar Energy in Yoga. 
f.  Psychological Personality development for Student (young)
g. Acupressure 15 years.
h. Massage therapy.
j. Reflex-logy
h. Herbal -therapy

1.    Shamman Patra,-25 Dec. 1988.
     (Trihut Bidhyapith, Madhubani, Rathi-India).
2.     Shiromani Award (Indian Board of Alternative Medicines,
       Calcutta, India-1997)
3.     Karmayogi-Mumbai (2nd National Seminar, India-1997)
4.      Sarba Shrestha Ratna-Brahmarhishi
        (Oriental Research Academic of occord Religion Astrology-1997)
5.     Gajanan Award (Community welfare foundation Sangh, India-1998)
          Excellence Award-1998
6.    (Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai –India)
7.    National Health Award-1999
          (National Health Education Society of India)
8.        MEHTAB   Acupressure Award-1998
          (Mehatab Udhog Mandal, Patan-India)
9.        Men of the year 1998 (American Biographical Institute USA)
10.    The 2000 millennium-Medal of honor
          (American Biographical Institute USA)
11.  Gold Medal-Dec.27th –1998 (The open International University for  Complementary medicines, Sri Lanka)
12.  Prasamsha Patra- Yoga & Nature Cure, Bhaktapur, Nepal.
13.  Samman Patra- Yoga & Nature Cure Center, Kathmandu.
14.  Felloship Award- Indian Academy of Accupunture Science, India 2000
15.  ShamMan-Patra: Yoga & Nature Cure Centre, Nepal
16.    Mehtab Samman-Patra: Sharada Swasthya Mission, India- 2001
17. Doshalla awarded by International Conference on yoga, Naturopathy and Exp, Bangalore, India on 2068.
18. Samanpatra from Malaysia         2012

1.  Prakritic Jeevan Journal Since 30 years.
2. Gastic & Constipation Booklet Part One .
3.   Recognized by HMG for Nature Cure Since 1952.
4.   Scientific Yoga Part One and Two.
5.   Pain Relief for Stomach Part One.
6.    Five Elements for Treatment.
7. 150 Article Published by Newspapers.
8.   Scientific Yoga Part one (Class 6 to 8) for School Education.
9.  Dynamic Massage Therapy Part One and two
10. Six Cleaning Act (Yogic aspect).
11.Yoga-therapy Part 3rd.
12. History of Naturopathy' of Nepal & Others Countries
Textbook written

  (1).For three Months yoga Teacher training, (2). Six-Months Massage-therapy training (3).Six-Months Village Nature Cure health worker training.
1. Basic anatomy and physiology
2. Basic diet and nutrition
3. Basic Yoga -therapy
4. Basic Naturopathy
5. Basic Massage-therapy 6. Basic Acupressure and Reflexology

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